Package installation

To get started you need to ensure that your GOPATH environment variable is pointing to an appropriate directory where you want to install gophercloud:

bash mkdir $HOME/go export GOPATH=$HOME/go

Once your environment is set up, you can install the gophercloud package like so:

bash go get

This will install all the source files you need into a pkg directory, which is referenceable from your own source files.


Because you’ll be hitting an API, you will need to retrieve your OpenStack credentials and either store them as environment variables or in your local Go files. The first method is recommended because it decouples credential information from source code, allowing you to push the latter to your version control system without any security risk.

You will need to retrieve the following:

For users that have the OpenStack dashboard installed, there’s a quick shortcut. If you visit the project/access_and_security path in your Horizon dashboard and click on the “Download OpenStack RC File” button at the top right hand corner, you will get a bash file that exports all of your access details to environment variables. To execute the file, run source and you will be prompted for your password.